#10 – Eat Vegetarian for a Week

This past week saw me knock yet another item down! Take that number 10!

I’ve always enjoyed a meat-free meal from time to time. There are so many ways to be creative with your veges and grains. What I’ve never actually done is tried to maintain a meat-free diet for a whole week, and hence the self-challenge pre-30. (For the record, I classify meat-free as no red meat, pork, chicken or seafood)

One of the highlights of the week was dinner at my uncle’s restaurant Harvest

harvestL-R: Vietnamese rice paper rolls; Savoury mushroom pancake stack; Spinach and kumara gnocchi; Sticky date pudding

…tell me you don’t feel hungry after seeing these tasty morsels! Even Mr. DMD can vouch for the fact that a complete vegetarian meal is very tasty and filling…and who can complain when their sticky date pudding arrives with not 1 but 2 scoops of ice cream to sweeten the deal :-)

After a week I felt well-nourished, and never felt like I was limited in my choices. I even managed to eat junk food in the form of vegetarian pizza and vegetarian laksa. There is alot to be said for simplicity and flavour in a meat-free meal, and the light ‘not bloated’ feeling after eating. I think I’ll try and eat mostly vegetarian lunches from now on.

Miss Daisy

P.S. If you’re interested in vegetarian cuisine, the Harvest Vegetarian Cookbook is available to purchase online and at Dymocks in Australia


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#22 – Get Back Into Yoga

It’s no secret that there are several mental and physical health benefits to practicing yoga…

body on yoga Image via here

I used to practice once a week, then I kinda fell off the wagon…but I’m pleased to say it is back in my life (and hopefully here to stay).

It’s amazing how taking 10 to 15 minutes to stretch and breathe can do wonders for your mind and body. It allows you to look within, just focusing on your breath, your body and the yoga pose. Yoga helps your entire nervous system calm down.

Do you practice yoga or are you thinking about getting into it? Here is a super simple yoga sequence from the Lorna Jane Active Living Magazine if you’d like to try it.

Miss Daisy

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#5 – Take a Cooking Class at Sydney Seafood School

I love to cook, and eat (that goes without saying). One of my favourite things to eat is seafood, and crab might just be my favourite crustacean (don’t tell lobster I said that!). Although it can be fiddly, the sweet crab meat reward at the end sends my tastebuds into overdrive. So it was only fitting that the cooking class I’d be attending involved crab. Chilli Crab. Hello friend!

cooking school

The lesson started off with a discussion about selecting and cleaning crab, followed by a demonstration of 2 recipes that we’d be cooking shortly thereafter. After the demonstration, we were lead through to an amazing workspace filled with multiple kitchen workbenches (each workbench was fully equipped with the latest everything..cool drawer, anyone? Noted for my next house!). There were 4 of us at our workstation with each couple given 1 of the 2 recipes to cook. A special mention must go to Mr. DMD, who wasn’t so keen on a cooking class date night, but nevertheless rolled up his sleeves and got right in there with the chopping and cooking (thanks babe!). After working up an appetite with all the prepping and cooking, our dishes were ready to eat! We went through to the dining room where we shared the fruits of our labour with our workbench companions and O.M.G. the crabs were amazing!!! After some good banter and a few glasses of wine, the evening was over and Boom! Another one down, just like that.

For anyone else interested, The Sydney Seafood School is located at the Sydney Fish Market in Pyrmont, and there are a whole variety of classes you can attend - all revolving around seafood, of course. 


Miss Daisy

All images are my own
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#17 – Take a Photography Class

This past weekend, I got my creative on and took a night photography course as part of the Sydney Vivid Festival.

We learnt tips and tricks to achieve great shots in the dark, and experimented with LED lights and glow sticks for some cool effects.

Here is a sneak peek of what we got up to…




 3 times the Daisy (how freaky!)


The beautiful Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour

The Vivid Festival is an awesome festival of light in and around Sydney’s harbour and it has now spread into the city at Martin Place and over to Darling Harbour. I’d encourage you to go and have a look if you have the chance as it is really quite spectacular!

Miss Daisy

(All photos via Understand Down Under)


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#8 – Learn how to ride a scooter

When I committed this one to the list, I’ll be honest, I was scared. I’m a big scaredy cat, but that’s OK because I know I am! Once I got past the scared bit, I thought about how cool it would be to actually ride a scooter (by scooter I mean Vespa or similar). I pictured myself looking something like this…

audrey-scootAudrey Hepburn looking so effortlessly chic on a Vespa!

But I actually looked like this…


Needless to say, I did learn how to ride a scooter but I didn’t really like it. The moral to the story is to give it a go, even if you want to chicken out…at least you can say that you tried. And it is with this in mind that I can hold my head up high and cross off number 8 from The List! (I’m also thinking that this little exercise counts for number 24 as well!)

Have you ever done something you were scared of and actually enjoyed it after you got over your fear?

Miss Daisy

#19 – Make Ice Cream from scratch

ice cream

As summer in Sydney draws to a close, I set out to make an ice cream that would keep the dream of summer nights alive through autumn and into winter (who are we kidding, this ice cream won’t last longer than a week in my house!). I used a recipe from Cook Republic for no churn condensed milk and jam ice cream which is perfect if you’re making ice cream for the first time and haven’t got the professional equipment and/or an ice cream maker. The beauty of this recipe is that you can substitute the strawberry jam for any other jam or flavouring you prefer (I’m thinking of trying nutella next time) and it literally took 10 minutes to put everything together.

Have you ever tried to make ice cream from scratch? If not, I challenge you to give this easy recipe a go!

Miss Daisy

Image my own
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#18 – Go to a Zumba Class


I went to my first Zumba class on Saturday and it was so much fun! Zumba is an excellent workout for cardio, toning and burning calories all at once.

Just try and keep me away now!

Miss Daisy

Image via Pinterest
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#11 – New York City!!!


“One belongs to New York instantly. One belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” – Thomas Wolfe

Welcome to 2014! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year’s break. I know I certainly did, and this photo is your biggest clue!

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your support with The List so far…I have plenty of exciting things planned over the next month and will reveal them all to you in the New Year.

Stay safe over the holidays, and enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Miss Daisy



Row 1: Finished book 1 and 2; Namaste – inspiring me to take up yoga again (image via)

Row 2: Gearing up for the festive season

Row 3: Dreaming of New York (images l-r via here, here and here)

Today I booked myself in for a blood donation, will keep you posted once that’s done.

Miss Daisy

All images my own unless otherwise stated
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